Laura Fravel | Brand Strategist & Brand Storyteller
Executive and personal brand expert Laura Fravel combines 20 years of branding and visual storytelling experience to help executives and entrepreneurs up-level their digital presence, through strategic messaging and creative brand photography.
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Your story matters. It’s what makes you – and your brand – unique. It’s what creates connection. And it’s what allows you to stand out from everyone else in your niche… to gain the profits and impact you desire.


But, it’s so darn hard to figure out what your story is when you’re so ‘in’ it. What connects to others? What to include, what to leave out, and how to tie all of your magnificent but seemingly disparate pieces of your journey together? And with personality and persuasion!


I turn people into brands they’re proud to shout to the world. Authentic and bold, with personality and impact. Because you need to be brave to stand out from the crowd. (But it’s hard to be bold till you’re clear, concise and proud of how you show up.)


I get leaders and entrepreneurs out from behind their brand. We find your killer story, true value and unique selling point. And then we create the head-turning messaging and digital presence to match the confident leader you are. Because there is nothing more powerful than an authentic image and a story that connects to your core audience.


I feel grateful to have spent 20+ years traveling the world meeting people I never would have met in my everyday life… uncovering, developing and producing stories for media outlets, brands and causes. Turning people – and their individual stories – into multi-million dollar productions… for Netflix and National Geographic to Microsoft and The New York Times. These are stories – YOUR stories – that connect to audiences, create profits, and ultimately create positive change.


I was a SCUBA diving instructor on the Great Barrier Reef and then the Caribbean.

I worked for National Geographic for over a decade.

I’ve sailed the Bermuda Triangle.

I have two amazing kiddos, who I’m told are just like me… they move and talk nonstop.

And a partner who is just as magnificent, supportive and adventurous as I.

My morning routine consists of amazing sunrises, morning lattes, and meditative runs (and wrangling two children).

I’ve run my own business for 15 years.

I am a curious, people person, who – without a doubt – will find your unique badass story to scream from the rooftops.


“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso


It’s my passion to help NGOs, nonprofits and cause-driven businesses be seen and heard, particularly those raising the status of women & children worldwide. I’ve had the pleasure of working with such organizations as Conservation International, Mercy Corps, Spoon Foundation, and the World Bank, on campaigns ranging from international orphanages to water relief aid in drought-torn Africa. It is our stories, of real people, in real circumstances, that connect us… that enable change.