Laura Fravel | Brand Strategist & Brand Storyteller
Executive and personal brand expert Laura Fravel combines 20 years of branding and visual storytelling experience to help executives and entrepreneurs up-level their digital presence, through strategic messaging and creative brand photography.
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After years of working with big broadcaster and media outlets, I use my storytelling expertise to elevate the influence of great minds and purpose-driven businesses. I help entrepreneurs, executives, speaker, authors and thought-leaders be seen, influential and profitable – to allow them to use their expertise, wisdom and influence for good.

Trusted by brands big & small… to humanize and personalize the people behind the brand.


After 20 years crafting stories for TV media outlets, from National Geographic and HBO, to The New York Times and The World Bank, today I use my expertise to elevate the people behind the brands – the small business owners, executives, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders. Because people connect to other people, not to a product or service.


I’ve had the honor of dancing with African tribeswomen, diving nose to snout with a whale shark, filmed in the White House, and met some of the most prominent thought-leaders of our generation. But it’s usually the most seemingly “ordinary” people who have the most extraordinary stories. That’s YOU. We all have an amazing story. Sometimes we just need a helping hand to see it, to tie our crazy journey together, and the confidence to get visible.

I dive deep to find and bring your story to life. In our noisy digital world, you have milliseconds to make a first impression online. So make yours count.


I combine Emmy-nominated storytelling skills with 20 years producing visuals for media outlets around the world.


I tailor to brands, their personality, their look, the emotion they want to create, and the audience they want to serve.



I see imagery as a universal language that creates connection, empathy and understanding. And it’s my passion to help NGOs, nonprofits and cause-driven businesses be seen and heard, particularly those raising the status of women & children worldwide. I’ve had the pleasure of working with such organizations as Conservation International, Mercy Corps, Spoon Foundation, and the World Bank, on campaigns ranging from international orphanages to relief aid in drought-torn Africa.