Laura Fravel | Personal Brand Strategist & Coach | Be a Change-Maker
Empowering leaders and entrepreneurs to be sought-after experts and change-makers. Stand out, be seen, be profitable AND impactful.
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Laura-Fravel-brand-strategist-coach BE SEEN
Empowering leaders & entrepreneurs to be sought-after experts.
Go from blah to badass.
Stand out from the noise. Be seen as the expert.
Command higher fees. And create meaningful impact.

I help leaders and entrepreneurs…
find their unique value, get clear on their story and know how to broadcast that to the world.
So they can be seen, profitable and impactful. 


With 20 years in the TV-media and brand marketing worlds, my superpower is finding your authentic story that captures the hearts of your audience. And then giving you the tools & strategy to stand out and be seen – so you can truly pursue your passions, as well as a profit.

Laura Fravel, Personal Brand Strategist, Storyteller and Coach
You Key to Personal Branding Success

We often launch into business, with a lot of passion, but…
not a lot of thought to building a brand.

  • How do I tie all of my decades of experience and expertise together into a clear, powerful story?
  • How do I not look and sound like everyone else in my niche?
  • I know I need to promote myself, but ugh, I don’t want to brag.

  • How do I package and position myself to stand out in a crowded industry?
  • Social media… what to say, how to say it, who has the time?!
  • And now I’m totally exhausted just thinking about all of this…

It all comes down to… what is the story you’re trying to tell?

"Laura Fravel has this natural ability to find the story no one thinks is even there." Testimonial for Laura Fravel, Personal Brand Expert