Laura Fravel | Personal Brand Expert | Uplevel Your Digital Presence
Up-leveling the digital presence of entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, and influencers, through visual storytelling. This is creative brand photography and video that conveys personality, credibility and influence.
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Helping small – yet mighty – brands reach epic levels, by giving them the confidence and tools – and a little makeover – to STAND OUT as the leader in their niche, command higher fees and have greater impact. 

20+ Years of

Storytelling Experience…

from Netflix and National Geographic, to Microsoft and The World Bank – to give you that edge to elevate above the noise.

Brand Story

It's a noisy world out there. And without claiming and exclaiming the story that makes you uniquely you, and then sharing that story, clearly and consistently, across all of your digital platforms, you'll be one more blah brand that blends in with the rest of your industry.

Brand Image

It takes viewers less than a second to make an impression of you online. Make your first impression count with stellar images. Showcase personality that your audience wants to connect with, command expertise that makes you the leader and create persuasion at first glance.

Brand Visibility

Now that we know the amazing you and your story, and we have the imagery to match that kickin' presence, it's time to get visible. We put a strategic plan in action to get you noticed, to get business scaling, to get profits maximized and to truly make a difference.


from some of my amazing clients

doing great things in this world.