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I began my career at the forefront of digital storytelling, filmmaking & photography with National Geographic and The Washington Post. Twenty-eight countries later, a couple close calls with a whale shark and a kangaroo, and two decades of working with over 50 brands and broadcast outlets, I now empower people and their organizations to shine. Because behind every company, is actually an amazing story of people, and that is what connects us all, even to the brands we buy.


I’ve crafted powerful stories – written & visual – for NGOs and corporations, big and small, to include the New York Times, Microsoft, Discovery, Mercy Corps, NEST, Conservation International, Vulcan Enterprises, Travel Oregon, and the Smithsonian, among many others.





Companies fail to harness their most valuable marketing asset there is:  their employees. And in this day and age of authenticity and transparency, your employees are your #1 most effective tool at building brand trust and loyalty – internally and externally. Add to that that marketing is driven by visuals, and your employees are a powerful content creating machine, with their camera at the touch of their smart phone.


Laura Fravel is the mastery of visual storytelling. She combines years of crafting stories for TV and film – from National Geographic to Netflix – with big brand storytelling experience – from Microsoft to NEST – to entertain, enlighten and engage audiences in this world of content marketing.


She begins by cultivating positive employee engagement around your company’s key messaging, before sending them off with practical tips, tricks and tools to create media with their smartphones. Employees will walk away not only knowing and understanding your brand story, but excited and knowledgeable on how to share that story with the social media world – during the workshop and beyond.


Engaged employees are committed, passionate and inspired; and they inspire others.

  • Increased employee advocacy
  • Higher brand exposure
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Greater employee retention
  • Better talent acquisition
  • Increased ROI





You have years of experience, expertise, and a go-getter attitude to be successful, impactful and profitable. Yet… business and profits are stagnant… with too many of us hiding behind our brands, our fear and our lack of confidence.


Through 15 years of being an entrepreneur herself, combined with her visual storytelling experience with big brands and broadcast outlets, Laura speaks as a fellow business owner herself to the importance of really putting ourselves out there: to being the face of our brands. Because people connect to other people NOT to a product or service.


Laura has distilled two simple keys to success: your story & your image. Her talk is motivating, inspiring, challenges audiences and gives practical tips for truly elevating your brand image. Her goal is to help business owners define & align what you stand for, with what you actually show the world.

  • Elevate your image across digital platforms
  • Show personality that people can connect to
  • Create imagery like a pro
  • Create a stellar online presence that has influence