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Personal branding & brand photography. We up-level your digital presence, by aligning your experience and expertise with what the rest of the world sees.
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Whether you’re an entrepreneur ready to grow your business or an executive ready to take your expertise and experience to a new level or in a new direction, you need a presence and visibility that’s not only an asset, but makes you stand out from the crowd.


Gain concise, creative messaging and stand-out brand personality.

We will…

  • Refine your voice
  • Define your brand personality
  • Revamp your tagline
  • Revise your brand story/bio, with a USP
  • Craft a strategy to share your story on social

Cost:  $3,500


Stand-out with strategically crafted imagery that aligns with your story & personality.

We will..

  • Elevate your website photography to convey professionalism, expertise & confidence.
  • Revamp your online visuals to tell the story of your brand, not just a pretty face.
  • Gain imagery that screams authenticity and personality.
  • Gain 3-months of content for social media channels:
    • all imagery named for SEO purposes
    • all imagery cropped for your specific social media/digital use
    • commercial rights to all images
  • Includes a visual audit brand, story planning session, and full day photo shoot.

Cost:  $4,000


Elevate your brand with a revamped voice and look, to stand out above the noise. 

You gain…

  • All of the benefits of Brand Story Refresh
  • All of the benefits of Brand Image Refresh
  • Plus:
    • Wardrobe consult & make-up artist for your photo shoot
    • 60 days of brand consulting follow-up, via email
  • Recommended “Next Steps” for brand visibility

Cost:  Starting at $7,500

See if we jive...

Contact me for a free 20-min. consult.

Story Consult

We chat and strategize the visual stories that will ignite your brand.

Let's Shoot

Trust us, this is not your typical photo shoot. It's an enjoyable experience in which you'll walk away feeling energized and confident.

Ignite Your Brand

We deliver your photos organized and cropped so all you have to do is click and post.

Why Personal Branding?

Personal branding these days is less about gaining a competitive edge and more a necessity in doing business. People are forming opinions and making decisions about you based on that digital presence. How you show up online is usually the first impression you give to people.


The upside… you have an audience of millions! You have an opportunity to truly showcase who you truly are, what you stand for and the amazing experience and expertise you have… IF you take hold of the opportunity. Don’t let a computer algorithm tell the world who you are. Make sure YOU are telling the world and using it to your advantage.



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