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Personal branding & brand photography. We up-level your digital presence, by aligning your experience and expertise with what the rest of the world sees.
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Whether you’re an entrepreneur ready to grow your business or an executive ready to take your expertise and experience to a new level or in a new direction, you need a presence and visibility that’s not only an asset, but one that makes you stand out from the crowd.




This 3-part brand up-leveling is for small or personal brands that have some success but aren’t reaching their full potential. Simply put, you look like every other brand, speaker, consultant, leader in your niche. You need to add a bit of boldness, kick it up with some personality and really hone in on your unique value. We revamp your messaging, your online image and put a plan in place to get visible and get noticed. We do this through tackling:


    1. Your Voice:  Find your unique value, combine that with your experience, and craft one attention-grabbing brand story – delivered with tag-lines, bios and website copy.
    2. Your Image:  Your brand story & personality are just as much a part of your imagery as they are your copy. We produce a strategic, personality-driven photo-video shoot for all of your imagery/media needs.
    3. Your Visibility:  Now that you have your story and kickin’ presence, we deliver simple, actionable steps in the form of a visibility plan to ensure you get yourself/your brand out there, get noticed and gain impact.

Google yourself…

Are you proud of what you see?

Does is showcase you as the expert and leader you are?




This 8-week program revamps your messaging, your online image and puts a plan in place to get visible and get noticed. It combines group and one-on-one coaching sessions, allowing the feel of a collaborative Mastermind group, combined with the personalized guidance of a marketing coach. We tackle the same 3 pillars as the “Brand Boost” package: 1) extracting your unique selling proposition and writing and empowering brand story; 2) auditing your visual-photo needs and planning a professional photo shoot*; and 3) preparing a visibility and/or content plan for your specific business needs. The group is limited to a max 6 participants. * Does not include the actual photo shoot (option can be added for additional fee).


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Yes, you are being Googled…

Yes, you… before meeting a prospective client, while you’re on stage talking, after meeting a potential employer. And how you show up online is usually a potential client’s first impression – or their deciding impression – of you. Is it consistent or confusing? Does it match who you say you are? Does it convey expertise, confidence and leadership? Or do they see outdated profiles from yesteryears, mixed with old stodgy headshots (or that horrendous snapshot your relative took and posted all over Facebook).

Let’s take control of how you show up in the world. Align what you show the world with who you truly are and all that you have to offer.


Curious how I can help?



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