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Empowering leaders & entrepreneurs to be sought-after experts. To know their unique value, to gain visiblity, and to create the impact they desire.
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Intro your business... You're ready to GROW NOW WHAT?


Align who you are and all that you have to offer with what the rest of the world sees. Whether you’re an entrepreneur ready to grow your business or an executive ready to take your expertise and experience to a new level or in a new direction, you need a presence and visibility that’s not only an asset, but one that makes you stand out from the crowd.


A kick in the butt to get unstuck.


Spinning your wheels without much forward progress? Frustrated with where you are vs. where you want to be?  Sometimes all we need is a little outside perspective to see the path forward. In this 90-min. private session, we look at the unique value you offer and how to leverage that for strategic forward momentum, to attract clients, increase profits, and gain impact.


Cost: $300

We often launch into business, with a lot of passion, but… not a lot of thought to building a brand.  How do you package and position yourself to stand out in a crowded industry? How do you not look and sound like everyone else in your niche? How do you show up online as the expert and leader you already are? And how do you simply get noticed? It’s all in your story… and how you tell it (or not) to the world!


Know & own your story…

to stand out from the noise. 

You’re ready to take your brand to the next level (like, yesterday). But your spinning your wheels, unsure and unclear of your true value and/or how to share it with the world… to stand out and be seen! … to be profitable and impactful. It’s time to KNOW AND OWN your story.


Your story is the foundation of your entire brand. Everything from your visuals and messaging, to your social media and content you produce are based upon it. And without it, you’re simply… flailing!


Together, we uncover your unique value and weave together all of your amazing experience and expertise into a powerful, engaging brand story that connects and attracts your ideal clients – that gets you noticed!  We then translate that story into your website copy and professional bios. You walk away with clarity, confidence and copy that sells.


Be that brand that
effortlessly attracts clients.

What to say, how to say it, where to say it?! Content marketing overwhelm!


Be.Sought-After. begins with a ½ day intensive, where we not only identify your brand story and unique value (everything in the Be.Seen package), but we put that story into action.


Whether through social media or mass media, develop a strategic plan to be seen and heard. Ditch content creation overwhelm and know exactly how to the show up and share your value, efficiently and effectively. Attract clients without the exhaustive one-on-one marketing. And attract the clients you enjoy and can serve the best.


Align the badass leader you already are

with what the rest of the world sees.

When someone Googles your name, what do they see? Is it representative of the badass expert and leader you are? That first glance impression, does it wow with confidence and personality, to make a viewer dig deeper? Is it a consistent brand look and story that makes you stand out and be memorable?


Be. The Leader. is like a full digital makeover. We take you from blah to badass. We go from uncovering your unique value and story, to crafting a visual digital presence that screams confidence and expertise.


You receive all of the benefits of Be.Seen. and Be.Sought-After. packages, plus a photo-video shoot, along with headers, bios and taglines for all of your social/digital platform needs, and a plan to get visible online.

“When you know and own who you are, and what your story is, with clarity and confidence, impact and profit follow.”
– Laura Fravel



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