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Executive and personal brand expert Laura Fravel combines 20 years of branding and visual storytelling experience to help executives and entrepreneurs up-level their digital presence, through strategic messaging and creative brand photography.
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Get personality to stand out from the noise.

Gain credibility, to showcase your expertise and knowledge.

Know you story, to be relatable and influential.

Get spectacular imagery, to be polished and have pizazz.

Ditch content creation overwhelm. Have perfectly curated content

that speaks to you and your brand right at your fingertips.


I spent a good part of the past 20 years traveling the world crafting visual stories for for National Geographic and PBS, to the New York Times and The World Bank. I’ve came nose to snout with a Whale Shark, danced with African tribeswomen, and crossed the Atlantic ocean by boat. But, through it all, it was always the people and their seemingly ordinary, yet actually extraordinary, stories that stuck with me. I’m convinced: we ALL have an amazing story. We just sometimes need a helping hand  to see how amazing it is. And that is my job.


I don’t capture coerced poses and stiff smiles, but rather authentic moments, real emotions and the personalities behind the people.