Brand Photography & Video, Laura Fravel - Visual Stories for Your Brand
Personal branding & brand photography. We up-level your digital presence, by aligning your experience and expertise with what the rest of the world sees.
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Show the world everything you have to offer by elevating your online presence. This isn’t just photography, but strategic content to showcase your expertise, confidence and personality.

How It Works

1. Strategize

We analyze your visual needs and create a content plan based on your story/messaging, colors, personality, and target audience.

2. Shoot

We shoot 3-4 “stories,” approx. 3-4 locations.

This isn’t about posing. You simply be you. 

3. Relax

We deliver approx. 60 images for your content needs, edited, cropped and labeled for SEO purposes. Professional, strategic content right at your fingertips.

Not just a photo session…

Nowadays, you need more than a smiling face online to stand out amongst the noise.


You need strategically crafted images to create personality, convey confidence, to create a consistent vibe/look and to demand the premiums you deserve.


Your online image is everything.  And those who are taking control of it, are the ones standing out.