Laura Fravel | Article: Personal Branding. You are Your Brand
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Personal Branding: You. Your Brand.

They say first impressions are everything. But nowadays, when someone gives you a name, a recommendation, whether for a graphic designer, a realtor or for networking, what do you do? You Google them. You’re out there, in the virtual world, and what people see is your personal branding.

They say people make a decision about you in the span of 7 seconds IN PERSON. But only .06 seconds ONLINE.

Today, more than ever, first impressions happen online. Yet, if we don’t know when or even if it’s happening, can’t we pretend it’s not happening at all? That is still, in this day and age, what most people say. 50% of all adults in the US who Google themselves say they are unhappy with what they see. Why not use your online presence to get that dream job, grow your business, start a business, speak on stage, or get that promotion?

Building a brand it hard. And when we talk of personal branding, it’s not all about putting on a façade and pretending to be someone you’re not, but the quite the opposite. It’s about bringing out the best in you and letting that shine. Letting your personality, your drive, and your expertise attract your dream clients, get you that speaking gig, demand the fees you deserve, and grow your business. You simply need YOU getting out there.

3 Steps to Brand Yourself

So how do you do it?

  1. Your imagery should scream personality. Hire a professional photographer who can tell stories with imagery. You don’t want another stodgy headshot, but imagery that truly showcases everything you have to offer. Make yourself personable, approachable and authentic. And attract not just any client, but the right
  2. You story. Write down all of your experience, professional and personal, and all of your values. What’s the common thread? Do you do residential real estate but are also passionate about the cycling group you put together? Your passion then might be “building community” – you love to bring people together and help them find “their place,” whether a new home or cycling hobbyist. Tell your story. It can all be tied together.
  3. Build Community: Now that you know your story and you’re communicating your personality and confidence through imagery, get talking (or posting and responding) on and offline. It’s not enough to simply post. An engaged community is what counts; not the number of followers.

And the amazing bonus… when you see yourself as confident and beautiful, it snowballs. You feel even more empowered and inevitably attract even more of your dream clients.