Laura Fravel | Article: Change Is Opportunity to Pivot
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Change is Opportunity. Seize the Moment.

Change is Opportunity. Seize the Moment.

During this COVID ‘new norm’, you probably fall into one of two camps:

You’re choosing to pivot, reinvent or reinvigorate your career because you have the time and luxury to pivot, with a good corporate salary or savings. COVID is simply the pause (or kick in the butt) you’ve been waiting for. Your excitement is contagious, but you have no idea where to start or what to do.

Others of us are being forced to pivot, due to job loss or being furloughed. Maybe you’ve even had to quit work to stay home with kids. Your fear of what’s next is a fire to find new work and new meaning. And that’s the beauty of this time… no matter your situation, we can all find greatness and fulfillment in these trying times. It can be the push to find more rewarding work that satisfies both our desire for impact and income.

Deepak Chopra is known for saying, “All great things come from chaos.” And we are in chaos friends. So, what can you do to make the most of this time of chaos and change? How do we pivot to greatness?

First and foremost, KNOW and OWN your story. Then you’ll be ready to scream it to the world.

  1. Find Mental Space. Where and how do you ground yourself and remember what’s important to you in life? For me it’s my daily runs. It used to also be travel, but I’ve replaced that with a newfound, mid-life excitement for surfing and being on the ocean. For you, maybe its journaling, walking or simply watching the sunrise with your cup of coffee. Find it and dream. What is your ideal day like? What are your dreams for 5 years, 10 years from now? We forget to dream the older we get. And our dreams and desires are our North Star. Don’t forget to make space for them.
  2. Ponder Past Positions.  List all of the jobs and experience you’ve ever had. Even those you hated: what was even one thing you liked about it. What didn’t you like? Start to formulate a list of what you love doing and what you do best.
  3. Survey Former Colleagues/Clients. “I’m re-positioning/rebranding myself and would love some feedback on how it was working with me. You’re the type of client I so enjoyed working with and would love to serve people like yourself better in the future.” Ask what they most enjoyed about your experience together; how you best served them; what words they would use to describe you. You’ll start to get an idea of your unique value and how you can leverage that.
  4. Niche down. Who do you want to serve and who can you serve best? Niche down! Get specific. Get to know them, their pain points and what they struggle with.
  5. Write Your Story. Pull together all of your experience and expertise, your unique value, while addressing the pain points of your ideal client. Add some personality! And THIS is what will make you stand out. Your story – who you are, who you serve, and how you uniquely serve them – is what will guide your entire brand, whatever you pursue. Whether you start your own company and you are your brand, or whether you find work within another company, owning your authentic self is building your personal brand. And that is an investment in your future. A happier, more fulfilled future.
  6. Scream Your Story to the World. Must the courage to share your values, your thoughts and your expertise with the world. Build authority and influence. And over time, it’ll snowball into confidence. You will be seen and sought-after in your niche.

Laura Fravel is a brand strategist and coach, helping entrepreneurs, change-makers and leaders be seen, profitable, and impactful. Join her Challenge to help you find your story, own it, and scream it to the world!